Treatments and Treated Zones

DNA Pest Control is proud to offer several options for termite treatment on your home or business property.


Our Termidor accredited technicians ensure that Termidor’s unique method of termite eradication called the Transfer Effect is available to you. Termidor is non-repellent to termites, this ensures that the termites are unable to detect and avoid the treated area. Therefore, termites continue to forage and encounter the Termidor, picking up a lethal dose. However, thanks to Termidor’s Transfer Effect, termites do not need to ingest or come in contact with the Termidor in order for them to be eradicated. All they need to do is come in contact with a termite who has and the Termidor is collected on their body too. As termites are highly social insects, the colony is soon eradicated. Once correctly installed, Termidor is safe and non-toxic making it ideal to use in domestic and commercial situations.


Unlike chemical barriers, the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System focuses on the total elimination of the entire termite colony in an environmentally safe and non-chemical manner. Exterra uses closed and locked stations containing highly-effective termite bait which the termites feed on before taking it back to their nest, resulting in the elimination of the entire termite colony. The bait also interrupts the termite’s ability to feed on wood. Exterra is non-toxic to people, pets and garden insects.

DNA Pest Control is your local authorised Exterra operator and offers quotations, installations and services for the Exterra Baiting & Monitoring System.

Reticulation System Fill-Ups

DNA Pest Control also offers the fill-up and service of previously installed reticulation systems. This requires special equipment that not all Pest Control companies have. We offer fill-ups for Termguard, Cavtect and Camilleri. However, DNA Pest Control does not accept liability for systems that we have not installed.

Inground Termite Bait Station
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