General Pest Control

Living in a beautiful country like Australia has many advantages, but unfortunately, many creatures and pests make their home here as well. The problem begins when these pests make YOUR home THEIR home. At DNA Pest Control, we strive to help you regain ownership and dominion in your home, successfully ridding your property of undesirable pests.

Are you having a problem with bees, wasps, ants, silverfish, fleas, mice, rats, spiders, ticks, cockroaches, german cockroaches, or other pests? DNA Pest Control will step in and rid your residence of such unwanted pests, and also take steps to ensure these pests don’t return. We service not only residential homes, but also commercial properties, rural sites, government properties, and building sites.

Some more information about some of the pests we treat…



Bees are a big help when it comes to pollinating flowers, and can be very beneficial in gardens, however, if they feel threatened bees can produce a powerful and painful sting. Bees have been known to cause allergic reactions and in some cases death.

Black Ants

Ants are highly developed social insects which live in a permanent nest, and despite their small size, they can travel large distances in search for food. Due to their foraging in unsanitary places, like garbage bins, ants can carry many diseases. They leave behind them unattractive trails and mounds, and can cause cracks in paths due to their digging. Also, some species of ants can bite and sting causing discomfort.


Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles come into your home in search of a dark, secluded place to lay their eggs. Carpet beetle larvae feed on the natural fibres that make up parts of our carpet, rugs, blankets, clothing and furniture. The larvae can cause asthma attacks ad allergies due to the little hairs on their bodies breaking off.


Cockroaches can spread disease by transporting bacteria and microorganisms from sewers into your home. They contaminate food with their droppings and dead casts (outer skeleton), cockroach egg cases, dead cockroaches and vomit. Cockroaches also cause unpleasant odours from secretions from their mouth and outer shell. Cockroaches can also seriously harm a business’s reputation. Signs of cockroach infestations include droppings, casts, spoilt food – cockroaches eat un-stored food and vomit back onto the food.


Fleas are parasites that need blood to survive and often use people and our pets as hosts. They bite and cause skin irritations and swelling. In warmer weather, fleas are able to multiply at astounding rates. Fleas spread diseases and sometimes can cause death.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are breeding machines, going from a couple to hundreds or even thousands in just a few weeks. They quickly spread through your kitchen, laundry and sub floor areas. German cockroaches contaminate your food, and spread diseases through bacteria on their legs and bodies. Also, they can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions.



Although possums may look cute, and generally cause little to no problem when far away from your home, once inside your home they become not only troublesome but also dangerous. They often carry diseases that are incredibly dangerous to both you and to your pets. Also, they can carry ticks and fleas, bringing the parasites into your home with them. Possums can get very aggressive when they feel threatened. They will often chew through wiring and cables, which in turn poses a potential fire risk.


Rodents carry with them many parasites and diseases, some of which are highly dangerous to humans. They can cause extensive damage to your home by chewing through doors, skirting boards, books, etc. Rodents can also spoil and contaminate your food with their fur and waste. Some signs that you have rodents include droppings, rub marks, burrows, sounds and nests.


Your home is ideal for silverfish, offering them shelter and food. They often eat your books, photos and cotton. Silverfish also can cause damage to your home.


Australia is one of the leading countries for poisonous spiders. Many of the spiders can bite, sting and even, in some cases, cause death. Spiders create unattractive webs on your fences and walls which collect dust and debris. Also, they can be a cause of panic and alarm, especially for young children.

Female Mouse Spider


Although some wasps can be beneficial in gardens, they are all a danger. Their stings are often incredibly painful, and can also cause allergic reactions and/or death. Gardens provide food and anchorage for their nests, especially fruit trees during the summer.

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