How Often Should I Invest in a Pest Inspection?

Regular pest inspections are an excellent way to ensure your home or property is free of unwanted pests, and secure against their entry. With more than 25 years in the pest control business, DNA has the skills and experience required for the best in pest extermination. Our highly qualified and certified technicians are trained in expert pest inspections, allowing us to work with you to prevent the infiltration of pests. Regular pest inspections are a great way to stay one step ahead of pests.

Many customers ask how often they should be receiving a pest inspection on their home or property. We recommend a yearly pest inspection as the ideal time frame. There are several factors which may affect your recommended time frame, however.

Age and Construction of Property

If your home is an older one, or if the construction has been shown to be especially vulnerable to pests, you may require more frequent pest inspections. Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your property, we will discuss extermination options with you. Our desire at DNA is to eliminate your pests, making our inspections less frequent and less necessary. Long-term pest control is our goal.


Properties in heavily wooded areas or other pest-prone regions may require more frequent inspections as well, as the threat of pests is often stronger in these locations. If you are in such a location, maintaining regular pest inspections is a necessity for the protection of your home and the prevention of pests. These areas may be particularly vulnerable to termite infestations, and we can offer a variety of treatment options for termite control.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are one of our specialisations at DNA, and we can perform a simple visual termite inspection to assess for signs of live and active termite trouble at your home. Not only do we search for signs of structural damage, but our expertly trained technician will utilise a variety of effective equipment, such as a moisture meter, thermal imaging camera, and sounding equipment, to further determine whether or not termites are present.

Termite Warranties

In the event that your property does have a termite problem, we offer several special treatment systems, including Termguard and HomeGuard, as well as our own insurance policy, Timber
Secure. These programs offer the ultimate in termite protection. These treatment systems, which you can learn about in more detail on our website, provide great warranties, but require yearly building inspections. These treatments offer excellent security against termites, and we will perform your yearly inspection to make sure your house or property continues to be pest free.