Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

When you’re looking to purchase a new home or property, there are many considerations to be made. You want to feel secure in your decision and DNA Pest Control, as an Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association member, can make that happen.

What Can We Offer You?

  • Professional, expert advice
  • A thorough and detailed report
  • 30 years of experience
  • Termite and Timber Pest Experts
  • Work in conjunction with a Building Inspector with over 30 years of experience

The Prior to Purchase Specialist Timber Pest Inspection Code of Practice states under section 7.5 that “the Timber Pest Inspector must have had a minimum of two years’ experience in pest management that must have included active Timber pest management” in order to provide the customer with an inspection carried out by an expert in termites and timber pests. Not all Pre-Purchase Pest Inspectors have the experience to advise you on the best course of treatment, unlike us. We at DNA Pest Control can offer you 30 years of experience in termite detection and eradication.

With our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections, we can take a look at the potential property and assess its condition regarding pests. One of our qualified technicians will inspect the property to look for signs of past and current termite and/or timber pest infestation and damage, giving you a quote for extermination if desired. The technician will also provide details about potential pest risk, helping you understand what pests may pose a possible threat to the property, based on location, structure, and environmental conditions.

As DNA Pest Control specialises in pest and termite control, we preform and provide only a Pest Inspection, this allows us to provide you with a thorough and more detailed report. We would recommend a Building Inspection be organised with a local and experienced Building Inspector. By having two inspectors on site inspecting the property for problems within their own expertise you are guaranteed to be better informed on potential problems and risks.

We will help put you at ease by lending our expert eyes, looking at your potential property to help you make the best and most-informed decision regarding pest management. Call us today, and ask about our Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections. Make sure you’re purchasing a property without current pest issues, or let us help you, by treating the property before you move in.

BEWARE: Not all Pest Inspectors are able to quote for and perform termite treatments to live termites found at the property. We would have to perform our own inspection before performing a treatment, as we would not rely on another company’s report. At DNA Pest Control, we are Termite Specialists with over 30 years combined experience in inspecting, detecting, eradicating and protecting your greatest asset from termites.

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