Termites are one of the most common pest problems, and areĀ one of our areas of specialisation here at DNA Pest Control. Before termites become an irreparable problem in your property, causing thousands of dollars in damage which is not covered by household insurance, we can carry outĀ termite inspections to help minimise the amount of damage occurring.

If you have noticed signs of termite infestation in your property, give us a call today. A highly qualified technician will inspect your home or business at the earliest possible opportunity, and create a quote for termite extermination and future preventative treatment.

Termite Inspections

DNA Pest Control is the local expert on termite inspections with years of experience in termite detection and eradication. We can inspect your property extensively to search for signs of termite infestation, as well as take precautions to prevent future termite infiltration. Read more about termite inspections here.


For more information on pre-construction termite protection, click here.

For more information on post-construction termite protection and treatment, click here.

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