Effective Pest Management: Three Key Steps To Get Rid Of Pests At Home

There is a trail of evidence all around your home. Scratched and gnawed food packaging, shredded paper and fabric, piles of powdery residue near woodwork and furniture. When you see all or some of these signs of an animal pest infestation you know that you have a problem.

Pest infestation is not always obvious and can be subtle for most part. When left unchecked however, the signs can escalate and could leave you pitching a tent outside your home as pest controllers clear your home for days! Do not let the red flags of pest infestation take over your home. Take control. Prevent the infestation.

Pest Management and Red Flags Warning of Pest Infestation

  • Spotting a couple of bugs may not be a big deal, but it can mean an infestation is about to start.
  • Remember that stagnant water is the home of mosquitoes. Look for other physical signs to identify pest infestation.
  • Some pests leave droppings around the home. If you see a couple of these droppings, then you are close to infestation if not already there.
  • Use your nose. Pests like rodents have a certain smell.
  • Use your ears as well. Listen for rodents, they love to run and create rustling sounds.
  • Look for gnawed items or furniture. Rats have an uncontrollable urge to gnaw at stuff.
  • Check wooden furniture and walls for termite damage.

If you encounter one or two of these red flags, then it is time call the pest controllers.

Pest Control Home Solutions

1. Make your home less attractive to pests

Pests love mess and they are lured by moisture and dirt. Both are like gourmet meals to them. To keep out the pests, make sure your home is dry and clean. You need to take the rubbish out everyday and make sure the bins are clear of any food residue. You should sweep your floors regularly. You need to wash dirty dishes as soon a possible; put dirty dishes in soapy water if you cannot get to them straight away. Keep your basement and bathroom dry and tidy. Never leave ripe fruit out. The easiest way to prevent a pest infestation in your home is through household hygiene.

2. Deny access to your home

Pests are not like vampires! They do not need your permission to come into your home. They will enter when they see an opening. Do you know that a mouse can actually squeeze through a hole the size of a coin? Keeping that in mind, you can seal off potential entryways like heating or cooling vents. If your screens have holes, get them repaired. Plug cracks in walls, baseboards, cupboards, ducts and other similar areas. Keep stacks of wood and other debris away from your home because termites will use these to gain access to your home.

3. Hire a professional

You can only do so much when it comes to preventing pest infestation. When you have done your part and you are still seeing signs of pests, call a professional. Choose a pest control home service that will use low-risk pesticides and guaranteed techniques that will eliminate any and all pests from your home.
Try and get a pest control company before the problem gets any bigger. Get your home inspected as soon as you see those little signs of infestation. Identify the pests that are slowly taking over your home so that you can immediately get rid of them permanently.

Call us and we will help you identify any signs of infestation.