Your Guide to Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

A pre-purchase pest inspection is a prerequisite that all prospective home buyers need to be aware of. In order to purchase a home or be approved for a home loan, you have to ensure that the home is free from termites and all troublesome pests.

While it may feel like just another hoop you have to jump through in order to secure a house, this mandatory pre-requisite spares new homeowners the nightmare of moving into an unhealthy environment.

It’s up to you, the future homeowner, to select a professional service to handle both your pre-purchase inspection report and pest control problems. But it’s also beneficial to understand how these pre-purchase pest inspections work; this way, you’re more confident about choosing the right service that’ll get the job done.

Choosing a professional who can provide the inspection as well is provide you with the pest termination is the ideal way to get the job done right.

More Benefits of Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

This mandatory requirement results in a pre-purchase pest inspection report that assesses the overall conditions of the house. This helps point out trouble areas in the home, like rotting wood infested by termites, or any other corners in the home that are in need of pest control. Since the overall condition of a home is vital to securing a loan, your pest inspection report plays a key role along with other mandatory requirements.

There’s also a good chance that you missed the presence of pests while touring the home for the first time. This isn’t uncommon for open house tours, especially with homes that are older or have hidden spaces where pests easily hide. This speaks to another major benefit of pest inspections for new homeowners, since a quality professional service can find trouble areas that prospective home buyers might have missed.

A Cost-Effective Approach

After assessing a situation and employing the necessary pest control methods to clear a house for purchase, homeowners will feel those financial benefits down the road. Soon after receiving your inspection assessment, quickly invest in any pest control means to clear the house for purchase. This can include the replacement of termite-infested wood, fumigation, traps for termites and troublesome pests, insulation replacement, and other pest control methods and repairs.

Mandatory pre-purchase pest inspections also serve to remind homeowners, lenders, and future buyers about the overall importance of pest control and inspections. Your home should be routinely checked for physical signs of pests and the proliferation of pest-friendly areas.

DNA Pest Control work with all of our clients to provide a professional pest inspection that is completed by a trained industry professional. The inspection is completed by one of our trained technicians as well as an insured builder to give you two sets of professional eyes on the job. Whilst this may be a slightly more expensive way of getting the pest inspection completed, it is a sure fire way to cover you down the track, as well as ensure that your problem can treated by a qualified professional.

Don’t take any chances and start looking into pre-purchase inspections and yearly pest control services today!